Doña Maria Mole Cute Collectible Glasses

Sometimes the Doña Maria Mole jar isn’t just a jar of sauce. Often if you look closely on the shelves you’ll find limited edition collectible glasses. These special jars of mole are decorated with cute designs. After you prepare your mole, rinse out the jar and keep it as a collector glass. I love my little glass with the María de Mole silkscreened on the front.

This cute glass makes me happy every morning when I fill it with juice. This is the first one I have found, but I’ll be looking for more. Start a collection of collectible glasses for your kitchen, too.

Next time you by Doña Maria Mole, make sure to look at the jar to find that special glass with art on it! It will make your kitchen as happy as a belly full of mole.

Buy a Jar of Doña Maria Mole Sauce.

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