Mole Xiqueño

Mole Xiqueño is a regional sauce from Mexico. Like mole Oaxaqueño, the name of this recipe reveals its origins. Xiqueño meaning it is from Xico, Mexico. Mole recipes vary from region to region.

The ingredients to this mole give it a very deep, rich color. This mole is served over enchiladas or chilaquiles. While in Mexico City, you can taste mole Xiqueño. Give the chilaquiles a try at La Cadencia Cocina Urbana. Another breakfast option is Huevos La Candencia – eggs served over tortilla and bathed in mole.

Other Types of Regional Moles:

  • Black Mole from Oaxaca – Mole Negro Oaxaqueño
  • Mole from Puebla, Mexico – Mole Poblano
  • Green Mole from Veracruz – Mole Verde Veracruzano

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