Making Mole Negro

7 Moles de Oaxaca

The Seven Moles of Oaxaca (7 Moles de Oaxaca) are the most well-known moles of Mexico. There are many moles of Mexico. The second most famous is mole poblano. The region of Oaxaca is recognized for its family of diverse sauces. Probably, the most legendary of the family is a mole negro. A sauce reserved for the most special occasions.

The ingredients found in many of these sauces are as unique as the sauces themselves. Toasting chilis and spices, as well as, other special techniques make the preparation of these recipes time-consuming.

Thus, the sauces from the Mexican kitchen have a great range of flavor profiles. The taste of mole verde may be bright and grassy. In contrast, a mole negro has a rich, bold tang to it.

7 Moles of Oaxaca

  • Mole Negro
  • Manchamanteles
  • Mole Colorado
  • Mole Coloradito
  • Chichilo
  • Mole Verde

It is a grave mistake to taste a mole once and decide you don’t like it. You really should try all the different mole sauces and you will find one that you love. If you are in Mexico City, a great place to taste a mole is at Azul Restaurantes. Visit the Restaurant Azul in the neighborhood of Condesa or at the Centro Histórico location. Annually they offer a special menu celebrating the regional moles of Oaxaca – Festival Los 7 Moles de Oaxaca.

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