Dry Chiles at market

Dried Chilis

Dried chilis are a main ingredient in most mole recipes. In Mexico, these chilis are known as chiles secos. Naturally, different varieties provide an array of flavors and heat levels. These differences provide many options when cooking.

Cooking with dried chilis can seem intimidating, but it is easy. To reduce the spice-level, remove the seeds and veins. To develop more robust flavors, toast the chilis over a fire. You can even give them a quick fry in oil. Just don’t overcook them or they will develop a bitter flavor. Finally, rehydrate your chili pods. Use cold water for a longer period and hot water for a quick-hydration.

Dried chilis are perfect for making salsas, moles and dry rubs. Now that you know how to use them, you can begin to experiment and learn about the different flavors each chili has. Poblano peppers have a sweet, mild flavor. While jalapeños are hot and spicy. Now imagine how different the flavor profile of each of those chilis would be dried. When chilis are dehydrated, their flavors change. And so does their name. For example, dried jalapeños are chile chipotle.

Some of the dried chilis (chiles secos) you’ll find in Mexican recipes are:

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