Fresh Garlic


Garlic is always in the Mexican kitchen. The cloves are aromatic with a pungent scent. Its distinct taste and spice add flavor to any dish. Combined with tomato and onion, garlic is one of the main flavors at the foundation of Mexican cooking. Almost all mole recipes include the aromatic bulb.

Other words for garlic:

  • Ajo

Where to find it:

Fortunately, garlic is a staple in most cuisines around the world. Fresh bulbs can be found in almost any grocery store or farmers’ market. If you don’t have access to fresh bulbs, the groundvpowder is a great alternative. This dried substitute can be found online and is available in the spice section of local markets.

Forms of Garlic:

  • Fresh Bulbs (comprised of individual cloves)
  • Minced (comes in a jar)
  • Powdered (flour-like)
  • Granulated (course powder)
  • Garlic Salt (not recommended)

What to look for:

We recommend using fresh cloves. Look for firm bulbs with the outer paper wrapped tight. Avoid pieces that have signs of discoloring or mold. Minced, powdered or granulated forms would be our second choice. Try to avoid spices that include salt (garlic salt) as it’s best to add salt separately to gain independent control of seasonings.

Christopher Ranch and Spice World are two popular brands that sell cloves whole-peeled or minced. These often come in a jar and kept in the refrigerator after opening. Also, you can buy it in powder or granulated forms which keep well in the pantry. Two common brands to look for in the grocery store are McCormick and Badia.

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