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Learn to Make Green Mole in Chiapas

The methods of making mole vary as much as the types of mole. Mole verde Chiapaneco (green mole from Chiapas) maintains a special place in my heart and my recipe box. Because of its fresh and minimal ingredients, it’s relatively easy to make this authentic Mexican sauce. There’s no better place to learn how to make green mole than with Irma.

Chiapas is a special place for me. I lived in Mexico for several years and spent a year of my life living in San Cristóbal de las Casas. Each week, a new adventure awaited – filled with culinary and cultural experiences. I traveled to Mayan communities in the surrounding highlands to observe traditional textile techniques. My obsessions aren’t limited to woven textiles. My main obsession is food – Mexican food.

Climate, tradition, ingredients and cooking methods vary widely from region to region. These factors influence the diversity of regional Mexican cooking. In Chiapas, the combination of mountainous terrain, nearby tropical environs, and well-maintained milpas supply the markets with an abundance of local ingredients. The fresh produce and green mountainsides are well represented in the recipe for mole verde Chiapaneco.

I needed to learn to make this mole as its vegetable and herb base would make it a wonderful option for my vegetarian friends. So, I decided to return to El Tzitz Cooking School. I had taken several classes with Irma before. She has already shown me how to make corn into masa – and then into tamales. Now, she was going to teach me how to transform a basket of local ingredients into a flavorful green sauce.

Irma has been teaching family recipes for years at a beautiful home a short walk from the main market. Stepping through the gates into the beautiful garden, you’ll soon find yourself in a cozy home warmed by the fireplace and Irma’s smile. Natural light brightens up the kitchen as Irma talks you through the ingredients you’ll be using to prepare your green mole. Familiar items like onions and chiles are in the basket along with unique herbs such as hoja santa.

First, Irma blends vegetables, chiles, herbs, and spices with stock. She uses chicken, but a vegetarian version can be easily made by substituting vegetable stock. Next, the mixture is added to a saucepan and thickened with masa – corn dough. The green mole is served with chicken, chayote and green beans. Of course, for the vegan version, you would use chayote, potatoes and green beans.

So, learn how to make mole (both green and red) from Irma on your next visit to Chiapas. You’ll be delighted to cook alongside her and share a delicious meal in such a tranquil setting. More information on cooking classes at El Tzitz below.

Mole Verde Chiapaneco
Vegetarian Mole Verde in Chiapas, Mexico
Mole Verde Chiapaneco Recipe
Share a meal of mole verde at El Tzitz Cooking School

Cooking Classes Offered at El Tzitz

  • Green & Red Moles
  • Tamales
  • Typical Food from San Cristóbal de las Casas
  • Stuffed Chilis
  • Tortillas

Learn to Make Green Mole in this Cooking Class

Learn to how make authentic mole verde Chiapaenco with Irma at El Tzitz Cooking School. Simply, send a message on to them on Facebook or book a class in person with Instituto Jovel.

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